Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Last night I went to the Guerilla Furniture and Truck Show.   It takes place in what used to be the meat packing district.  All I could think when I saw this was, "poor piggy".
My pictures are pretty crappy because it was so hot and crowded.  You can probably get a better idea by going to their website.  Basically, it is a bunch of U-Haul trucks parked down the street with their backs open.  What are in the backs?  Furniture, artwork, installations...oh yeah, and I think there was one pour over coffee guy.
There were hand built bikes from Legacy Frameworks.  If you need a new bike, these are pretty cool.  I only know of them because our mutual friend introduced us.

 See?  Blaring sun and lots of peeps.

This sort of gives you an idea what the backs of the trucks look like.  This one was an art installation.
If you have not gone to his I would definitely encourage you to check it out.  There are several ways in which they could improve this event.  First, I think they really need to have a jury.  If you went last night, you know what I mean.  Second, I have no idea why they have not thought of this.  FOOD TRUCKS!  This is a truck type event so I would think that food trucks would be the first thing to pop into your mind.  Really, there was no food at the event last night and food trucks would have improved it tremendously.  Third, they need some live music.   I have nothing to do with planning this event, so what do I know?  These are just some things I noticed last night.

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mariko said...

Okay, that DOES look very cool.