Monday, July 01, 2013


First, let me start by saying that I want one of these!  I would just attach it to my car and drive all around the country.  This was my first trip to Elkhorn this season and it was great.  It got to be pretty crowded as the day went on, but I found so many deals on incredibly interesting stuff.  I am just going to show you the highlights of what I saw (not what I purchased).

 Look at this great old file cabinet.  I have never seen one so big and  nice. 
Look at the size of that thing.  Those are very large gas station signs in the front of it.  The asking price was $1,900.  I am not sure if that is the price they got, but it was sold when I got there.

 I really thought that this metal horses head was pretty cool.  I did not have $400 to add that cool to my house.
I only photographed this old school dolphin because there used to be animals just like this at the little kids playground when I was growing up.  I am sure that they are now deemed dangerous, but they were a blast to ride.

This is the only purchase I will bore you with.  It is an old general store tabletop paper cutter.  I love it.  I am going to use it for that long awaited project I have been working on.

Look at the detail in the iron work.  I am so happy with this purchase.   There are several more flea markets in July so I should be sharing more flea market finds this month.

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