Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Vintage Furniture...not what you think

Letterpress furniture.  Not what you expected?  If you look up the definition in Wikipedia, here is what you get - In typesetting, furniture is a term for pieces of wood that are shorter than the height of the type. These pieces are used to lay out type by blocking out empty spaces (white space) in a layout set in a chase.   Nowadays, furniture can be hard to find.  Even harder to find the furniture in a furniture cabinet.  Even harder to find all of these for a reasonable price.

All of these were accomplished at the very end of my Sunday trip to Cedarburg.  I did not intend on finding letterpress materials on this trip so I was extremely excited to land such an unexpected find.

I will clean this up and place it right next to my letterpress. 
Among my other finds was this English pottery dog bowl from the 70's.  I whipped threw that flea market like a professional ninja picker so quickly that I was done in record time.  So, I headed back to the Saturday flea market on my way home on Sunday.
I picked up the last two vintage  pull-down charts.

The paramecium.  Remember that?

The circulatory system and functional organs of the frog.  Oh, sophomore biology class.

Lately I have become interested in vintage kitchen items.  I had never seen one of these beaters with the bowl.  No whipped cream flying back onto you as you whip away.

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