Friday, August 30, 2013

How I ate my way through NY

  Yes, I ate more than any human should eat during one trip to NYC, but it was necessary.  Some places were my old stand-bys and others were new to me.  I could post pictures of each, but really, there are better pics and thorough information on their websites.  So, this is a random sampling of what I ate accompanied by the links to the sites.  Don't judge.

Wah Fung - This was my first time eating at this little bbq place in Chinatown.  They do not have a website so I just linked you to the menu page.  Yes, it is only $3.50 for a small order over rice with cabbage.  Yes, you can feed at least 2 people with that small order.  At certain times you may have to wait in line, but it moves pretty quickly.  When I say that your container will be so full of food that the guy will be straining to close the top for you, I am not kidding.

Ceci Cela -

 I had actually written this down for my last visit to NY and then never went.  I was determined to go this time and I could not have been happier.  I almost went here everyday for coffee.  Best croissants I have had thus far in NY.  Look at that pastry window.  The prices were incredibly low as well.  This is a very cute little place to go and relax with some incredible pastry and an espresso.  Heavenly.  Right next to the Spring stop on the 6.

Smorgasburg -   If you have the chance to go to Smorgasburg, you should definitely go.  I was lucky enough to meet a friend there on a beautiful sunny day.  I think it is best to go with someone else so that you can share and try more things. 

Bep -  We started with the shrimp spring rolls.  They were very fresh and tasty.  Remember, ease yourself into your binge.  I like to start light and fresh.

Lumpia Shack -   We had the duck lumpia and they were pretty incredible.  Chock full of duck meat.  We also had one of the best melon drinks I have ever had.

Red Hook Lobster Pound - Holy...I was not even going to get one of these.  My friend surprised me by returning with one lobster roll for each of us.  WORTH THE PRICE.  It was incredibly good.  Tons of juicy flavorful lobster meat.

Sylvia's -  Sylvia's is just an old stand-by for me.  I used to go there when I lived in NY and I probably try and go every time I am back there.  Fried chicken, greens, yams.  Warm and casual atmosphere with some great old school jams playing.

La Maison du Macaron -

This was new to me.  I only stumbled upon it because it was in the 'hood I was staying in.  As you can see, they have more macarons then one could imagine.  I have to say that I did not have any.  I went here for an espresso and a small treat so I have no idea what the macarons taste like.

Donut Plant - this was another place in my 'hood.  I had been there during my last visit.  I am not much of a donut fan, but I have to admit that these are really good.

Katz Deli - About a month ago I started on a knish mission.  I had the square potato knish which was delish.  I also went to Yonah Schimmel, but I did not get a knish there.  I just bought a souvenir.

Chocolate Bar -

  My friend took me here for espresso and croissants.  What a cute place.  Very nice to sit and relax as long as one of the many chocolate tours or really, any tour, is not coming through.  It turns out that they get their croissants from Ceci Cela so I did not miss out on my daily dose.  This is a great part of NY to walk around if you have never been.  Great little shops and parks. 

Back to Chinatown -

Three interesting things I found along the way:
    A pretty good banh mi place that has a really good veggie banh mi.  I think it must be relatively new because I could not find any info about it on the internet and the address comes up with other non-food businesses.  It is at 244 Canal.

This very cool Chinatown FDNY truck with the golden dragon across the front.  I want one.

I found out that the dumpling place that serves the best sesame pancakes also served them stuffed.  Behold the sesame pancake stuffed with Peking duck.  Those are shredded pickled carrots and cilantro in there along with a little pepper for some heat.  How could I have missed this before?

More food to come soon.

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