Saturday, December 28, 2013

A new year means changes

Have you ever wondered what your large grocery store would look like if it were empty?  In Chicagoland, we were able to find out.  Dominick's has been a local grocery chain here for years and years.  They were eventually purchased by Safeway a couple of years ago.
It was announced in October that Safeway was closing all of the Chicagoland Dominick's stores on December 28.  Today.  They started discounting items about a month ago and they went to 50% off of grocery a couple of weeks ago.  (No produce, liquor or dairy at that time.)  Last week was the 75% discount at which point they included the dairy and the produce.  The liquor was the only department that did not go greater than 40% off.  At first it did not seem so strange when you walked into the stores because the shelves were still stocked.

Last week when the stores looked like this is when it started to feel strange.  I had grown up with Dominick's so it will be odd to not have them around anymore.  The changes for 2014 have already begun to take effect.

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