Friday, December 20, 2013

In the Mood for Love

Have you seen "In the Mood for Love"?  I saw it when it was released and then never saw it again...until yesterday.  Why did I wait so long?  The film seduces you visually with its luscious set design while Maggie Cheung just downright seduces you.
I have never seen so many beautiful cheongsams worn by one character in one film.  It is non-stop.  Almost every scene serves up another incredible frock.  It is set in the early 1960's so if you enjoy the mid-century feel of "Mad Men" you will probably like these sets from a Hong Kong point of view. 
It doesn't hurt that they are worn by such a beautiful woman who knows how to work an outfit.
Each time I watch this movie I find myself mesmerized by Maggie Cheung.  I do not even swing that way and I am telling you that I cannot take my eyes off her every second that she is on the screen.
I feel like she must be one of those women that just has men falling at her feet.  Literally.
So, I really have not told you anything about the plot of the movie.  It is a wonderful movie.  I just wanted to prove that even if you do not  know what the plot is about you will enjoy simply staring at Maggie Cheung and her clothes for two hours.

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