Saturday, December 14, 2013

Supermercado Chapala

After driving past Supermercado Chapala for years I decided to go inside and give it a try.  In the back of the grocery store is a small 10 booth eating area.  I am not sure that I know everything that is on the menu.  There is a list on the wall, but I am not sure if there are more items that they serve which are not on the menu.  They do serve roast chicken, but I have not tried it yet.  Maybe next time.  This time around I just stuck with some simple items.  Chicken taco above for about $1.70.

They also have tortas (above) which are really good.  The buns were incredibly fresh with a very tasty guacamole.

Both came with this flavorful side of roasted onions and peppers.  There are a few of these small eating establishments inside grocery stores in this area.  I have tried a couple of them and they have all been good.  I suggest that you are around here and have the chance that you try them out.

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