Friday, August 15, 2014

Nice bones

Sometimes thrift shopping can be a bit like looking at Lady Gaga.  Sometimes there are lots of over the top accessories and accoutrements that you have to look past in order to see the true beauty.

One needs the skill to detect what lurks underneath all of that crazy color and frippery.


The same can be said when hunting for a specific item .  I am currently in need of a better lighting solution in my bedroom.  I do not know if it is that I cannot adjust to those CFL bulbs or if my eyes (meaning I) am just old, but I am having a harder time reading.  It could also have to do with the time I spend staring at my laptop screen.  All I know is that there is not enough light in there.  I decided I wanted some type of swing arm next to the bed.  I found a nice brass fixture for $2, but I found that it was going to be a problem trying to figure out how to hang it since the back plate was missing.  It was going to be so cool with an Edison bulb.  (No, that makes absolutely no sense since Edison bulbs give off almost no light.  I was still going to go blind, but my room was going to look cool while it happened.)  My search continued on.

Last week I was trolling a thrift shop when I spotted a pair of these beautiful sturdy silver swing arm sconces.  Now, I am sure that they were passed over due to those poor lamp shades.  The shades were beautifully custom made.  Mind you, back in the day I am sure that these shades were fantastic, but they would not be my choice today.  Anyway, I had to look past those shades and just concentrate on those beautiful fixtures.  The fixtures themselves  have a substantial feel and quality.  I figured that I could either work with them sans shades or I would search for some type of low cylinder drum shade.  Plus, there were two so I could place one on either side of the bed.  Thank you!


So here is where the story gets really interesting.  After I got home I decided to try and find some info about the lamps and see if there might be lampshades available from the original company.  I came across the same pair in brass here on 1stdibs. Who knew?
  Once they are re-wired, hung and adorned with new hats I will post an after picture.

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