Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Flea lately

I realized that I have not posted any updates on what I have dug up at the flea lately.  I have not gone to them as frequently as I did last year, but now that I have discovered day camp for the little 4 legs I am free to attend a couple of times this summer.  I am sticking to the smaller items now.  I found this Catherine Holm piece last weekend.

After digging through a tabletop covered in smalls I found these vintage brass tags.

The month before I bought this large group of brass locker tags.  I plan on incorporating the tags into some of the new leather items I will be designing in the near future.  I saw a holy grail item that I did not have the cash to purchase last time around.  I am saving my pennies and crossing my fingers that it will be there next month.  If I am successful, it will be displayed here in October.

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