Sunday, April 06, 2008

birthday gift

Several months ago I stumbled across a blog written by a woman who was learning how to use her own table top letterpress. I was immediately hypnotized. I started to search the web looking for all things letterpress. I looked on ebay to see what there was for sale and what the auction prices were like. Very often the prices were much higher than I expected and much more than I had to spend. I began to read Briar press regularly. It was there that I came across the listing for the annual sale at the Platen Press Museum in Zion. I wanted to purchase a letterpress as a birthday present to myself. (Hey, if nobody else is going to do it, you might as well do it yourself). After saving all of my pennies from every extra job I took on over the past months, I arrived at the sale prepared to find my press. I did . Here it is. It is a lovely Kelsey Excelsior 5 x 8.

For now, I am just staring at it in excitement. I cannot wait to begin using it. I have a beginning letterpress class this Friday.

Here are some pictures of the wall to wall presses at the museum.

Unfortunately, my camera battery ran out so I do not have many pics. I will have to go back and take some more to post.

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