Thursday, April 24, 2008


The venture that brought me to that seat in Bryant Park was a visit to Kinokuniya. I have been to the old NY location and the San Francisco location. This time around I got to visit the new location across from Bryant Park. I usually drop a large sum of money every time I enter one of these stores, but I found that I used much restraint on my latest visit. I purchased volume 2 of Pattern Magic. I then trolled the clearance section and found a couple of magazines. he first was a fashion magazine and the other was a sewing magazine which included about 50 patterns for various items in the clothing spreads. I LOVE the magazines that include all of the patterns and instructions.
Sure, they were a season behind, but I am one of those people who tend to shop out of season. My friend, b, does not understand this. She does not understand how I can buy a fabulous pair of boots on sale in the summer and wait until the fall to pull them out and wear them. I explain that it is like having all of these new unopened presents in your closet that you get to open when the season is right. She still doesn't get it. Anyway, even though we are nearing spring here in the Midwest, I have no problem looking at things that I might like for next fall.

They have the usual street fashions which I love to just peruse. I may never wear anything like some of the outfits but I think it is refreshing to get a new perspective on things.

I have no explanation, but I am really drawn to this parka in the lower right hand corner. I think the explanation might be as simple as the detail of the gathers along the chest.

This item was in one of the blown in catalogs in the magazine. I really like the versatility of this item.

I like the shape of this top. Unfortunately, it was not one of the patterns included in this magazine. It was an ad. I think that it might be easy enough to figure out to make on my own.

Here are some of the skirt patterns that are included. I really enjoy these because of the variety in not only the styles but also the age of the models.

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