Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Big O

I have mentioned that I am making efforts to add some color to my rather neutral palette. While I was surfing the other day I read over at how about orange that she had just created a new group in flickr related to orange items. I decided to take a look at my things and see if I did have any orange. When I think of myself, I don't immediately think of orange. I found the vintage orange phone above on my trip to San Francisco last year. This vintage orange leather coat was purchased on my latest trip to New York.

As blogged just the other day, I picked up this juicer at the Goodwill.

I have had this orange pot from Ikea for quite some time.

And these vintage earrings were found at a sale earlier this spring

So, after some examination, it seems that I do have some shots of color in my possession.

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