Friday, June 27, 2008

happy friday!

Can it already be Friday? Can next week be a short week? You bet!
Last week Friday was my first day of a glass fusing class I decided to take. I had always been interested in the process, but I had no knowledge of it. This seemed like just the right amount of classes (4) for the right price. It is a nice break from work in the middle of the day. I take my lunch hour and one hour of vacation to compensate. These are the first fruits of my labor. Please excuse the quality of the images.

I think that I like this one the best:

These are some of the other pieces I made. I don't think it is so bad for a first attempt. Especially when we were told to do as we pleased and basically let loose. I think that they were right because you were able to try whatever you wanted, but you could then see what the good and bad results were.

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kristy said...

wow thanks so much for those links. i will definitely check them out.

i'm sure that i will love them though, because after looking through your blog, i think we have the same tastes. and the same cat too by the looks of it :)

thanks for finding me so that i could find you!