Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Best find ever...

It is quite a bold statement to make. Especially when I have been treasure hunting for so many years, but this has definitely been my best find far.
Thank you, Arnie.

It was just sitting there among a bunch of furniture not able to catch someones eye. Perfect condition. I swiftly snatched it up. If anyone had actually been in the vicinity I believe it would have gotten physical. Instead, I picked it up at which point my Mom began to argue with me about it. "Why was I going to buy that table? I didn't need it." I just told her to please step aside and let me through to the cashier. As you can see, it cost me a mere $15. It sells for much more here.

No, I was not taking my furniture for a walk in the park. The day of these sales I decided that I would take pictures of all large furniture before placing it in my car so that I would have it documented. Isn't it beautiful?

This was definitely the highlight of the day of sales. Much more to come.


kay* said...

absolutely great find! my sister just bought me the exact same table for my birthday 3 weeks ago after i admired hers. i blogged about it too! it's a beautiful it :o)

pupule said...

i know! i had read your post and i thought of you when i bought it!