Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Three Rummage Sales and a Yard sale

Finally. After all of the preparations over the weekend I can now begin to post about the sales of last Friday. as the title states, I went to three church rummage sales and a yard sale. Wait. I actually found another small church rummage sale along the way so it was 4 church rummage sales and a yard sale. I had no definitive things to search for so it was ll in fun. You would not believe how many things I found and purchased in the name of fun. It all began at 6:30 in the morning when I met my Mom to go stand in line at our first sale. I had to strategically pick which one I thought would have the best stuff for me. Anyway, I have to tell a short story. As we were standing in line, a woman walked by dragging her little son by the hand. My Mom commented to me, "The poor boy". OK, do your parents have selective memories? My Mom does. Do you know why I go to so many flea markets, rummage sales, garage sales in the early morning? Genetics. I can not tell you how many times I was dragged out of bed at 4 a.m. because my Mom's best friend was coming to pick us up in her car so they could drive to Wisconsin to get to that flea market before the crowds. In the back seat of the car would be the best friend's son who is a year older than me, fast asleep. We would lay there until we were awakened again at our destination. So, I ask you, how can she have the audacity to comment on the poor little boy who was being dragged to the rummage sale?!
So, this is just a general overview of the sales. I only have pictures from one of the sales because it was actually the third sale we hit and by that time, the fervor had died down and I was able to calm down enough to take out my camera.
This particular sale had three small garages filled with furniture, as well as part of the parking lot and then this tent.
The rest of the merchandise was in the actual church building. Although this sale was larger overall than the other two, it did not have the greatest finds and the prices were a bit higher. These chairs are not something that would fit into my present decor, but I think that they were a great find. I really like the structure of the frame.

Couldn't you see these with a great new graphic fabric on the seat? You could leave the frames white as they are or you could change them to a great new color.

I thought this was a great kitchen set. The condition of the majority of the furniture was very good. I also liked the bed headboard behind it. can you see all of the great storage it has in it? Too bad I already bought a new bed frame this summer.

Look at the shape of this sofa! If only I needed a sofa and had the room to fit this in my living room without having it take up all of the space. It is so glam. (The slothing draped over the back of it and the Rollerblades/ski boots on the table really sells it).

But seriously, look at the curve on this beauty. I have to say that it was very clean for a vintage white sofa in a tent at a rummage sale.

Finally, I thought that this set of chairs was very nice. The seats were not damaged so you could leave them as they were or easily reupholster the seats.
Overall, there were many good finds to be discovered. I found one of my greatest finds ever. I will have to slowly unveil in the coming days the incredible luck that I had that day.

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