Saturday, October 18, 2008

The weekend thus far

The weekend started early this week. Actually, it will be starting early every week until the end of the year. I really like it. Too bad it is not going to be that way all of the time. It was a good Friday. First, I went Chinatown for grocery shopping and dim sum with my Mom.

Then on the way back I suggested that we stop at one of my favorite bakeries, Alliance Bakery. It was sort of gloomy outside so I could not get any pictured of the interior without the flash and I was not feeling like blinding the staff in the interest of getting some shots. The only way that it can be described is a bakery that makes you step back in time when you enter.

It is what bakeries used to be like when I was growing up. Just look at that sign! I really enjoy going there when I get the chance. Luckily, I do not live close enough for this could cause me serious waistline problems.

I have not tasted their cakes, but they are always so beautiful.

Since I had just gorged on dim sum, I limited myself to something that was only about 2 bitefuls. This was a German Chocolate macaroon. I took a shot of it on the dashboard before the transport home because I knew it was not going to be pretty anymore.

I was right, it wasn't pretty anymore when I inhaled it, but oh, it tasted heavenly.
today I hit a church sale. Story to follow soon.

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