Thursday, December 25, 2008

Spoiled.....thank you

Merry Christmas! Well, we have been very spoiled this Christmas. I had to take a picture of this tower of boxes before dismantling them. This incredible tower of goodness was delivered to my door. It is from my incredibly nice boss. It is filled with Harry and David goodness.

This adorable toy arrived for the boy. He was given the reindeer in the morning which entertained him for quite some time. When I started to open up this box, he knew that there had to be something in there for him. This is one spoiled dog. Once he opened this toy it was like he had never even seen the reindeer. Do you think he knew that this one was completely organic? After the initial running around with this and chomping to hear the squeak of the belly, he was in love. The pic is dark, but I think you get the idea. Thank you, auntie m.


ai said...

Happy holidays!

(You have a nice boss or what.)


pupule said...

Hi Ai!
Have a Happy New Year! Yes, I really lucked out in the boss department.

karlene said...

I am not sure what Harry and David is, but I am going to check it out. I would just be super delighted to receive the package, so pretty, no matter whether I opened it. happy New year.

please sir said...

So pretty! I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

pupule said...

Happy Holidays to the both of you!
Karlene- Harry & David is this company that offers wonderful gift packages filled with fresh fruit and baked goods. I love their pears. Since I have now opened up the boxes I can tell you what they contained. The bottom box was filled with fresh pears which have just reached their perfect ripeness. Then there were some apples in the next box. In each remaining box was another edible wonder. They were: cheese, truffles, baklava, shortbread cookies, nuts. OK, I need to stop eating.