Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another experiment

Last fall I found what looked like a long piece of fabric draped over a hanger at the thrift store. I loved the pattern and figured I would make something out of it. Upon further investigation, I figured out that it was actually a halter type maxi dress which was missing the straps for the necklines. The dress was too skinny for me so I was hoping that I could just cut it and make it into a skirt for summer. I decided to tackle this project yesterday. Here is the finished skirt.

While I was deciding where to cut the dress to make the skirt, an idea hit me. I could use the already existing top of the halter and make it into a purse for summer. (Do not worry, these items will not be worn at the same time.) I cut a lining fabric out of a leftover skirt liner I had in my scrap pile. It was just the right size so I had little adjusting to do. Voila. The finished product. Other than the dog I had nobody around to hold the purse for me so it is an awkward photo.

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