Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dolla store holla - mini tins

Remember these small tins from the dollar store? Package of 3 for $1. They are meant for wedding favors. They reminded me of those magnetic spice containers with the metallic strip for storage.

All you need are the tins and some magnet backs. The magnets come in a very large bag for very little cash at the craft store. Or, if you are like me you already have them among the loads of crap in your supply stash. You do not need to use any glue since the tins are metallic. All you need to do is attach them to the back of the tin. (One caveat: The plastic pieces on the front window of the tins is not extremely thick or attached to the tins themselves. You could glue the plastic to the inside rim of the tin cover if you would like extra security.) Place your office or desk supplies in the tin and you are done. I took a vintage metal tray and placed it up against the wall as a display for the tins.

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