Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mom's Day!

It was a laid back Mom's Day. She received a very utilitarian gift from her four-legged grandchild. I decided to have her over for afternoon tea. Here is what we had:
Coconut Macaroons -

Cinnamon Scones-

Double dark chocolate and ginger biscotti-

And these wonderful chocolate espresso cookies. It has turned out that I have killed two birds with one stone. I just found this recipe a few months ago. It has proven to be the answer to my chocolate cookie dreams. This occurs almost exactly one year from the time I wrote this post . These cookies are exactly what I was looking for when I wrote that post. They are far superior to the cookies I was "settling" for then. *sigh* Luckily, the recipe did not yield a large amount. Best to just sample my new found love.

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M. said...

oh, a:

I was just thinking of Our Cookie the other day. But mostly, of course, I was thinking how lovely it would be to spend time with you again.

Well done cracking the cookie code. It (as do the other delights you made) looks delicious.