Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I realize that I have not posted any thrift stuff in awhile. I have been thrifting, but I have been cutting back on the spending unless it is just too good to pass up. I actually had the will power to pass up a great mid-century couch set the other day. You know what I am talking about. The ones with the wooden flat bed frame and tapered legs. The one long flat seat cushion with the one long (trapezoidal?) back cushion. It was a couch and matching love seat. I have wanted one of those for a very long time, but really, I already have a perfectly fine couch. Also, I am pretty sure that those two pieces would never fit in my living room along with all of the other mid-century seating I have already acquired. It took all of my strength, but I did it.
I recently purchased this glass ashtray at the thrift for 66 cents. I do not allow smoking in my home and would never encourage it by placing ashtrays around the place. I thought that this was a very pretty piece of glass. I was thinking that I would use it for a candy dish instead. Is that too gauche? Would you be reminded of the butts and ashes and not want to take some candy if you saw it?

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