Monday, August 22, 2011

Forced rehab

Pretty, isn't it? My toilet started to leak last week and I had to face the realization that I needed a new one. It was a nice old toilet. This is the new one that was installed over the weekend. Uh, I guess the new one has a smaller water tank and the wall behind it is not finished like the rest of it. Great. I have been putting off doing any bathroom renovations for quite some time. I was going to ease into it bit by bit. Well, not any longer. I am moving it into high gear.
This is the lovely color of the tile that surrounds the shower. Not offensive, but not want I wanted. Now that there is water getting behind them it is time to rehab that as well.
I am deciding between these 3 x 6 white subway tiles
and these 8 x 10 white tiles. I am leaning toward the larger tiles only because the floor is a white hexagonal subway tile and I think it might be too busy.
This is the lovely bathroom lighting fixture. Who doesn't love tulip shades and rattan bases? Especially when one of them does not even work.
I am hoping that this fixture will be replacing it.
Again, I was going to wait a bit until I undertook the task of putting some of this wallpaper up on the bathroom walls. Now I guess I no longer have that luxury.
You hardly notice it now, do you?...with my camouflage...Dangit!


ai said...

Those are hard decisions to make...especially when both of those tiles look really nice. In any case good luck with that!

pupule said...

Thanks! Hopefully I will be able to take some pictures when I am finished.