Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sweet and Salty Sunday

I was off this Sunday so I got to skip teaching my class. Do you think I went and exercised on my own since I was not teaching. Of course not. That is why my clothes are currently too tight. I decided to take the opportunity to go and have some early Sunday brunch. Ever since going to see "The Help" I have been craving some soul food. I just read a review of Ruby's Restaurant which opened up in the spot formerly occupied for many many years by Edna's. Why not combine breakfast and lunch, salty and sweet? That's right. Why not since I had already blown it with the skipped workout? I ordered the chicken and waffles. Sorry, I only had fuzzy pictures so they are not included. The chicken were pieces of breast meat, I believe. On another plate I received one jumbo waffle. I asked for the fresh strawberries and whipped cream on the side. It was very filling but not enough to make you feel stuffed. I have to admit that the chicken was not quite as good as MacArthur's, but I could be biased. Their prices were a little higher than MacArthur's when it came to entrees as well. I really cannot compare since I did not try any of their entree items. My chicken and waffles were dirt cheap. $4.99.
I think that this was my favorite part. Look at all of the mile high cakes! They were under $3 a slice. They all sat on that wonderful old counter! I just love counter seating. Next time I am sitting there for a piece of cake and a cup of joe. I hear my running shoes calling me.

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