Monday, October 17, 2011

Pimpin' Ain't Easy

I haven't really started to pimp my mini crib yet. So, the other day I was lucky enough to stumble upon a basket filled with ziploc bags containing loads of Lilliputian goodies. How very fitting that I would begin to outfit my miniature house at the same place I outfit my human house...the rummage sale. For those of you who have ever priced miniature items you are aware of their high price points. I thought these items to be a steal. This is only a portion of what I purchased and I only spent $6. Just as with my own house, I started out with books. These even have pages that you can flip through.
I have to prepared for game night.
I am in the middle of renovations and I have to be ready to DIY at any minute.
Candelabra, candlesticks and chandelier.
A nice woven rug.
TWO bear skin rugs. I did not realize until I got home tha they are real fur. So, it is agood beginning from the vintage end. Now I look for the midcentury modern side.

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